backyard furnitureIf you are looking for outdoor benches for sale or other kinds of furniture, you should be prepared to protect them throughout the year. In most cases, protecting furniture during winter involves keeping it away. Understand that storing your fixtures will only make sense if you do it the right way. Here are some ways to prepare your outdoor furniture for storage:

Clean It

Storing your furniture without cleaning it will result in stains and corrosion. It also means more work when it is time to put the furniture to use once more. Fixtures require different kinds of cleaning methods. If you have wicker sets, for instance, you have to clean them carefully to avoid damaging the finish protecting the material. If you have metal sets, you should scrub them thoroughly to avoid scraping off the powder coat finish.

Disassemble Where Necessary

Disassembling furniture, especially wooden ones, minimises the risk of damage. If your fixtures have removable legs, footboards, and headboards, it is essential to remove them before storage. You should be careful to store the screws safely to avoid loss. It is advisable to keep them in labelled bags to make reassembling easier.

Wrap It Up

If you lack a place where your outdoor furniture can stay sheltered, you have to wrap it up. Wrapping is also crucial if your place is prone to mold. It is advisable to buy patio furniture covers for your fixtures. If they have fabric components such as cushions, you should store them in sealed plastic totes.

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You should inspect your stored furniture regularly. During winter, different types of critters seek shelter from the harsh weather. Stored furniture can provide the perfect home for them. Since some might damage your furniture, there is a need to stay vigilant.