Well-lit bathroom with shower area, bath tub, and sinkThe secret to a luxurious, relaxing bathroom is in this one oft-forgotten design element: lighting. Think about it, even if the space doesn’t have expensive fixtures or furniture, even with little embellishments on walls or floors, the area still exudes with a visual appeal when lighting is done correctly. When it comes to lighting, the best tactic is to go natural.

A bathroom that’s flooded with natural light instantly becomes a warm, vibrant space that uplifts moods of people coming into it. How exactly do you maximize natural light in your bathroom space? Take inspiration from these tips:

Spruce up your windows

Obviously, minding your windows is the first step here. It’s an obvious advice, but it’s an important one. Look at your windows. When was the last time you dusted it off and actually cleaned it? When will you replace those heavy drapes? And will you ever find a storage space for those stuff in the window sills?

Give your windows a new look by cleaning, decluttering, and dressing it up new. You may also enlarge your windows or add more, like skylights, to let in more natural light. Consider getting custom window installation. Pleasant Valley has a lot of specialists who can help you upgrade your windows.

Go white

White reflects light. Moreover, it gives a pristine look to the space. You can go for white walls or floors. Just make sure to balance it with pops of color in your accent details, like artwork or rugs, as your fixtures (bathtubs and toilets) already have a white color. You don’t want the space to look flat with just white.

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If you’re considering other hues to go with white, coral and yellow can very well complement the light color. You can use these hues in probably one corner of the bathroom.

Use glass

Your shower enclosures can also help in maximizing natural light in the space. Just avoid the opaque designs and go for open, airy ones so you can have unobstructed natural light coming into your bathroom. You can also incorporate glass in the space with mirrors. Mirrors also reflect light, so you may place them opposite your windows.

Natural light is an oft-overlooked feature in bathroom design, leaving homeowners with a drab, gloomy space. Don’t make the same mistake. Flood your space with natural light to improve its visual appeal.