close up of ratRoof and Norway rats are the most common species of this pest in America, and they need to be controlled effectively. They grow in numbers quickly, and their habits are destructive and bothersome. They bring with them diseases that may be fatal to humans.

How can homeowners protect their families from rats and rodents?

Preventive steps

Making your home and immediate surroundings inhospitable to rats and mice goes a long way in keeping your family safe and protected. Pests such as these small animals can cost you money in the end – not only in possible structural repairs but also in sanitation measures and medical bills.

If you keep them at arm’s length – preferably a long distance off – then you are doing the household a favor. Removing them from the premises may take time and money. It makes sense, therefore, to prevent them from entering, nesting, and multiplying in your home in the first place.

Consider new tools

There are traditional mousetraps, and there are electronic devices that keep rats away. These devices emit high-pitched noises that rats and mice find intolerable. You will not hear the sound, but you must trust the manufacturer that the device emits inaudible sound waves that will keep rats away.

You can learn more about these devices – how to use them, and whether they are effective, from pest control services here in Indiana.

Detective work

You do not need to be an expert on mice and rats to determine their presence. Doing a bit of sleuthing gives you the certainty that they are on the premises. If you detect them early, then you can employ measures or hire professionals in rodent control to deal with them before they establish a thriving colony.

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Learn about signs such as rub marks, gnaw marks, rat droppings, and even learn how they smell. The odor is unmistakable once you know how they smell.

Do you smell something iffy? Do you hear movement behind the ceilings and walls? Pay attention now and deal with rats and mice before they establish a foothold in the household.