metal fenceThe list of materials for residential fencing can be long and confusing. The decision on which material is superior depends on both your needs and the features of the material in question. Here are four tips to help you choose the perfect fit for you.

Think about strength

Ultimately, you are looking for a fence that can keep your home safe from burglars. Think about what fencing material is sturdy enough. Typically, metal fences, such as black metal fencing from, offer a higher level of security as compared to wood, bamboo and vinyl.

Consider the level of privacy

When looking to block out prying eyes, then you want for the type of fencing material that offers the highest level of security. Vinyl here would be an ideal choice, though bamboo, brick and wood are also good choices.

Keep maintenance needs in mind

Some fences require a lot of maintenance to stay in top shape, while others can do just fine with hardly any maintenance at all. Unless you want to spend many of your weekends repairing, repainting or treating your fence, go for materials that don’t demand too much attention. Aluminum and vinyl score highly in this regard, while you may want to avoid picket.

Cost of installation

You want to save as much money as possible in your home improvement projects. If you can install the fence yourself, then you need not worry about paying a lot of money to a contractor to do it for you. But where you intend to hire a professional for the task, you want a material that’s easy to install so you don’t shell out too much money for the project.

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The choice of which fencing material is the best for you will depend on several factors that you must decide on. Ultimately, it all comes down to strength, privacy, maintenance and installation costs.