A greenhouse gardenDue to the wide plethora and silhouette of greenhouse options available today, selecting a suitable greenhouse can be intimidating. Although they are available in different forms and designs, there are particular ones suitable for specific settings.

If you are at a loss on what greenhouse design to go for, your commercial greenhouse contractor will help you out. However, before that, brief yourself with some of the greenhouse designs worth considering, according to industry expert Conservatory Craftsmen.

Post and Rafter Greenhouses

If you want a simple and affordable greenhouse structure, the post and rafter design is the most ideal. It ranks among the strongest since the rafters lend strong support to the roof.

Since this design is heavy at the top, the frame should be well footed. This design maximizes space usage along the side walls and it also has more efficient air circulation.


This is by far the most common greenhouse used in the world today. It owes this to its minimization of the materials used and its simple structure. A-frame is made such that the side walls and the roof are together to form a single triangle-like A-Frame.

While the most widely used covering material is glass, translucent polycarbonate panels are now popular since they are equally good, yet more affordable.

Gothic Arch

This greenhouse style features side walls bent over a frame resulting in a pointed roof. This way, the requirements for building materials is highly reduced since it eliminates the need for structural trusses.

If you live in snow and ice prone area, then this is the best option for you since it provides for an easy runoff. Additionally, since it uses plastic sheets, it reduces the design coast marginally and also conserves heat.

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Ultimately, the perfect greenhouse for you is one that meets your demands, blends into your home style, and serves you for a long time. As gardening advocates say, start small with a basic structure, and as you learn the behavior and needs of your plants, then you can advance.