Carpenter planning to build a small houseSo, you have been wondering about owning your very own house. Since you do not have a family yet, you might want to start with a small nest where you can have a decent area for a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Here are some interesting ideas to help you out:

Be inspired by granny flats

Perhaps you have seen one and got inspiration from their tiny homes for extended family members. Feel free to make some calls to a granny flat builder that can help you figure out building ideas for your small house.

Sure, they can also give you ideas on how you can maximise the space with awesome floor plans.

Think of incorporating a loft

While you might not need one as of the moment, you might want to consider having a loft in your small house. It can be for relatives and guests that might crash in your place once in a while. Besides, it can provide you with some good space to store unused furniture and some other stuff.

Do install ample windows

If you are going for a small house, you might want to improve home lighting and ventilation by installing ample glass windows. You can go for either several small windows or few big windows for abundant sunshine and fresh air. This will do the tricks in keeping your home well lit and cool.

Gather up plants around

No matter how small is your home, you might want to put on some greens around. You do not need a spacious garden when you can have plants in pots scattered around the house. All it takes is finding the right plant and the right spot for display. Isn’t it refreshing to have plants around you?

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With these several ideas, sure you can build the best version of your dream little house. By all means, start your major building project now.