Air conditioner blowing warm airDoes your air conditioner have a cooling problem? There are several reasons the unit could be struggling. Learn about the potential problems and the solutions.

1. AC is low on refrigerant

If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it will not cool effectively. The low refrigerant level could mean there is a leak, or the unit was undercharged during installation. To fix this problem, call a trained emergency AC repair technician in West Valley. The professional will repair any leak and recharge the system properly.

2. There are thermostat problems

Is your thermostat on the right setting? Set the thermostat correctly and make sure it’s reading the proper temperature.

3. Sensor is out of position

Your window unit may constantly cycle or perform erratically if it’s thermostat sensor is out of position. Check behind the air conditioner’s control panel to see if there is a problem. To position the sensor, carefully bend the wire that holds it. Adjust the sensor until it’s near the coil without touching it.

4. Improper drainage

Your unit will experience problems if its drain is clogged. Check the drain regularly to prevent clogging and ensure proper drainage. If you have a room air conditioner, keep it on a mounted level so it may drain adequately.

5. Inadequate maintenance

Inadequate AC maintenance leads to clogged filters and dirty coils. A dirty filter may then restrict airflow through your air conditioner. Restricted airflow may consequently reduce the unit’s efficiency and affect its ability to cool air efficiently. Dirty filters and coils also increase the risk of the unit’s compressor or fans failing prematurely.

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Common air conditioning issues result from faulty installation, improper operation, and inadequate maintenance. If your air conditioner is not cooling properly, call a repair specialist immediately.  Learn from the technician who comes to repair your AC how to operate the unit properly, maintain it, and troubleshoot emerging issues.