lovely patioWinter comes with freezing air and snow that tends to accumulate in any open space. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare your Stratco patio for winter in Brisbane to avoid damage and enhance its longevity. Taking the necessary steps will also make it remain functional during winter, if you so desire. Below are four simple ways you can gear up your patio for winter.

1. Remove your patio furniture.

To protect your precious furniture from the harsh winter weather, keep it in a space such as a shed or the garage. Before storage, clean and dry your furniture to prevent mould growth. If you do not have enough space to store your furniture, you can hire storage space for the duration.

2. Clean up.

The presence of trees and other plants near your patio means fallen leaves all over. Clean all the leaves from the patio cover. If left over the period, they may leave stains if snow covers them. For easy and quick removal, use a leaf blower. Make sure that your patio is clean and fresh at the beginning of winter so that it remains in good condition when the harsh conditions are over.

3. Repair any leaks and clean the gutters.

Check if there are any leaks in your patio cover, gutters, and drains. When water freezes, it expands and creates problems if there are open spaces. Cleaning and draining the gutters will eliminate any chance of clogging, which hinders proper drainage.

4. Go for new benches and lights.

If you intend to spend some of your winter on the patio, then you need to prepare for that as well. You can either go for easily movable, weather-resistant furniture or wrap the furniture you want to use in weather-proof furniture cover. Consider new outdoor lights to cope with the early setting in of darkness.

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With these simple changes, you can easily prepare and protect your patio when winter sets in. As a result, you will have minimal damage to deal with, and your patio accessories will remain intact over the period.