two girls wearing a scarfIt’s that cool time of the year again — leaves are falling and pumpkins are in season! The breeze will tell you it’s autumn already. You know what this means when it comes to your everyday fashion, right? The sweaters, knitted dresses, boots, and of course, the indispensable scarf.

Scarves provide coziness and are a great way to look fashionable during the season. There are many ways to make your favorite autumn scarves a fashion statement. Here are some must-try creative ways to wear your scarf.

Braid it

Braiding isn’t always for your hair; you can braid your scarf as well. To do this, put a long scarf behind your neck and then tie a loose half knot. Hold the right end and cross it over the left, pulling it under and over the loop. Do the same with the other end and knot both ends together to secure the braid. If this sounds too difficult, though, Lane and Mae says that you can always get ready-to-wear chunky braided scarves from stores.

Scarf + Belt

You don’t always have to put your scarf around your neck. Just let both ends hang in front of your outfit and wear a skinny belt over it. This works well with larger rectangular scarves. Try it with over a monochromatic attire to create a statement.

French knot

Tie your scarf the French way to make a simple yet stylish look. Simply fold your scarf in half and place it around your shoulders. Pull one loose end over and under the loop. Take the second end and pull it under and over the same loop. Lastly, be amazed by your scarf-styling technique!

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Necklace style

Get a long scarf and fold it in half lengthwise. Knot the diagonal ends together and wear it over your neck. Now, twist the loop to create another loop to wear over your neck. Let it dangle fashionably as you stay warm and cozy.

You see, there are many ways to give your fall attire a style upgrade by using a scarf. To wear your scarf creatively, you just have to use your imagination and trust your sense of style. Scarves are truly versatile fashion pieces and not to mention, they make wonderful gift ideas to friends, family, and colleagues.