Home in BirminghamGiven that Birmingham’s annual weather average low is 3°C and that the average high is 17°C, it is safe to say that the city is not quite the warmest. But even if it gets pretty chilly in town, Brummies know how to make up for it. A practical example would be to install uPVC windows from Finesse Windows, or browse through Fragile Design for cosy house furniture.

These are three different ways you can warm up your Birmingham home.

Install uPVC Windows

The most practical way of keeping your home warm is by putting up uPVC windows.

As a Brummie, you would understand how much of a bummer it is when the cold air seeps through the house in winter. Well, uPVC windows are made of durable insulating material that warms up your home on chilly days. On the other hand, uPVC tends to keep the house cool on those rare summer days.

Additionally, uPVC windows are not difficult to maintain, so they are an economical choice that saves both your time and house cleaning efforts.

Invest in Cosy Furniture

There will be days, however, that you cannot entirely keep the cold air out. Or maybe you are the type of person to naturally get chilly easily. If so, you could visit a local furniture store for furniture that is warm to the touch. Moreover, you may purchase blankets and throws to strategically situate around your home.

It is also a massive help to arrange your furniture in a way that they are not too close to windows and doors. Keep them closer to the inner house and farther from the exterior walls; doing so would distance the space you occupy from the source of the cold air.

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Invite Friends Over

Now, Brummies are a fairly hospitable and quite diverse people. A figurative way for you to keep your home warm is by inviting your friends and family over. Spend some time at home with your loved ones to catch up and to, quite literally, share some heat.

How else do you plan to stay warm in Brum?