Bathroom With Cabinets ConceptOne of the most important yet typically forgotten parts of your bathroom cabinets is their hardware. These small yet essential parts open and close your doors and will affect their overall design. There are various options to choose from for your door’s hardware.

For property owners who want to focus their bathroom remodeling on a minimalist look, Trinity Builders of South West Florida noted that invisible hardware is a perfect choice. A minimalist look has minimal visual clutter and allows your mind to completely relax in the bathroom.

Here are the options you can select for your cabinet door’s invisible hardware:

1. Integrated Handles

Doors with integrated handles have a beveled edge embedded in them, which allows you to pull your door open. You can accent this space with a metallic band or paint to make it stand out. The integrated handle looks like a recessed clean gap in your cabinet doors and will, therefore, not affect its overall look.

2. Hidden Pulls

These are installed on the top and bottom part of cabinet doors. Only a sliver big enough for the fingers extends out slightly in a hidden pull to open the door. This is also called an edge pull, and its sliver varies depending on your preference. Hidden pulls come in various materials to suit various styles.

3. Push Latches

These are magnetic or mechanical hardware, which only requires you to press on your cabinet door to spring it open. A push latch is installed on the cabinet’s interior part and works for almost all cabinet styles. There is virtually no part of a push latch visible on the outside.

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From the above options, you now know it isn’t necessary to include long pull and knobs to open your cabinet doors. There are various ways your design expert can tweak the hardware to fit your cabinet door’s style. You can be sure your hardware will be unique and genuinely transform your bathroom.